The #Lib2018 Rewind

May 2, 2018

Justin Trudeau

We will fight for Canadians. All Canadians. We will fight for their future, and for their hopes and dreams. We will fight for their right to have a government that respects them. That listens to them. That sticks up for them. And that cares about them. That is why we do this.

Justin Trudeau electrified our movement with his keynote address, and reminded us of the choice before Canadians in the next election. The Conservative Party continues to campaign on fear and division, and clearly hasn’t learned anything from its last campaign. Let’s see if a lesson taught twice is a lesson not forgotten!

“We’re Liberals, so quitting is not an option. We will push through the hard days so we can celebrate together on the good ones. We persevere because we know someone from our team is counting on us, and we refuse to let them down.

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau gave an emotional and empowering speech sharing some of her earliest memories of Justin and her work in politics. Above all, she reminded us just how important it is for our movement to work together as a team.

Suzanne Cowan

“Over the last two years we have made a lot of progress under the leadership of our Prime Minister. But that progress didn’t start on Parliament Hill. It started on the ground. Where the heart of our party beats. Where our movement is strong and our message is felt. And it swells up from there. Our movement is nourished by the way that we connect with each individual, each volunteer, each family, and each and every Canadian.”

Suzanne Cowan grew up in the Liberal Party. Born and raised into a politics-loving family in Halifax, Nova Scotia, she knocked on her first door at the age of five. Now she’s succeeding Anna Gainey as the next President of LPC – and they’re making history in the process as the first back-to-back female presidents in our party’s history!

We sat down with David Axelrod, former chief strategist and senior advisor to U.S. President Barack Obama, and Gerald Butts, who has long been a senior advisor to Liberal campaigns and also serves as Principal Secretary to Justin Trudeau. They had a great talk sharing experiences working with top leaders to help deliver real change – and about what makes a winning campaign!

David Axelrod and Gerald Butts

Inspiring keynotes you might have missed

David Miliband • President & CEO, International Rescue Committee

Dr. Danielle Martin • Champion for fairness in Canadian health care

Tareq Hadhad • Founder, Peace by Chocolate

James Curleigh • Executive Vice President and President, Levi’s Global Brands

Campaign Ready!

It’s going to take the best campaign teams using cutting edge tools and tactics in order to win again in 2019. We spent the weekend focused on grassroots fundraising, organizing for Days of Action, and recruiting candidates – especially women – to run in 2019. Take a look at some of our favourite Team Trudeau photos, then sign up to be part of the team too!

By all accounts, Lib2018 was a triumph for our open and growing movement. We had more Young Liberals in the crowd than ever, and for nearly half of those in attendance, it was their very first convention. This was truly the most open and inclusive convention in our history, and we’ll be carrying this momentum forward into 2019.

But it wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of over 180 volunteers from Halifax and surrounding areas who helped make this event the success it was. Their smiling faces and red shirts welcomed over 3,000 Liberals from all across the country, and they went above and beyond to make sure everyone had an amazing experience.

Let’s work hard to earn another mandate in 2019

You can help Justin Trudeau earn another mandate from Canadians by providing support for tools to train volunteers, helping test new tactics and technology, as well as building our election fund. Ready to take the next step? Please chip in what you can now.

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