Andrew Scheer’s Cuts Plan is not an Economic Plan

May 24, 2019

VANCOUVER, BC – Following the news that Andrew Scheer has adopted Doug Ford’s plan to make drastic and reckless cuts, Liberal M.P. Jonathan Wilkinson highlighted the risk that Andrew Scheer’s slash and burn policies would pose to the economy and our middle class.

“Andrew Scheer is committed to austerity and cuts. Today he has torn up his proposal for two years of cuts and he’s now promising five years of cuts. Just like Doug Ford is doing,” says Liberal M.P. Jonathan Wilkinson. “Canadians have seen what Conservative politicians do. They make devastating cuts. Ford is slashing health, education, environmental programs, and even libraries. Andrew Scheer is just another Conservative politician.”

Andrew Scheer will make drastic cuts to pay for his promises like a $1.7 billion tax break for wealthy Canadians. He said last week that every dollar in new spending would have to be matched by a dollar in cuts. So what will Andrew Scheer cut to pay for his tax break for wealthy Canadians? The truth is that Andrew Scheer does not have an economic plan – he has a scheme to make cuts, and he won’t tell you what’s on the chopping block. Scheer would have to make reckless cuts to programs and services that help middle class Canadians get ahead like:

  • The Housing Affordability Plan
  • Canada’s plan to take action on climate change
  • The plan to move forward on Pharmacare
  • Stronger pensions for seniors
  • Lower interest rates on student loans

Today, Canada’s economy is strong and growing, with record-low unemployment and poverty levels and more than one million new jobs created since late 2015. Canada’s record of economic success and our outstanding reputation as a place to invest and do business would be at risk under Andrew Scheer’s cuts plan.

“Andrew Scheer doesn’t have an economic plan. He has a cuts plan, and he’s making it up on the fly,” said Jonathan Wilkinson. “Andrew Scheer can’t keep his promises without making reckless cuts that would threaten all of the gains that Canadians have made over the last four years. Liberals have plan that is working. One that invests in Canadians and the success of the middle class.”