What They’re Saying: Budget 2019

March 20, 2019

Yesterday, the Liberal government unveiled Budget 2019, outlining the next steps in the Liberal team’s plan to invest in a strong middle class and build a better future for all Canadians.

We’re taking the next steps in our plan by investing in affordable housing and support for first-time home buyers, moving forward on implementing National Pharmacare, introducing the Canada Training Benefit, and making retirement more financially secure for Canadians.

The Liberal team’s work has been making real progress in the lives of Canadians. Canadians have created more than 900,000 new jobs since 2015, the unemployment rate is near a 40-year low, pollution is no longer free, and 9 out of 10 Canadian families with kids are getting more money thanks to the Canada Child Benefit.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what they’re saying about Budget 2019:

“This federal budget shows important and sustained investments to advance First Nations priorities… They will build healthier First Nations, stronger governments and a stronger Canada.”
Perry BellegardeGrand Chief, Assembly of First Nations[Source]

“We work hard and collaboratively with the federal government on the priorities under [the Canada-Métis Nation Accord] and Budget 2019 demonstrates how this work is translated into concrete action and real results for our people.”
Clément ChartierPresident, Métis National Council[Source]

“The investments made by the federal government represent good news for our members and First Nations in general that are impacted by large scale projects within their home territories… Ensuring that First Nations have healthy, thriving economies is a crucial component of reconciliation.”
Sharlees GaleChair and Councillor, First Nations Major Projects Coalition[Source]

“The commitment to an evidence-based formulary and collective drug price negotiations announced in today’s budget represent an important step forward on the part of the government.”
Dr. Danyaal RazaChair, Canadian Doctors for Medicare[Source]

“In supporting access to medication, the new centralized drug agency will have a welcome role in reducing drug prices and establishing a formulary for Canadians. Along with a significant investment in medication for rare diseases, the key pillars are in place for a national approach to pharmacare.”
Canadian Medical Association[Source]

“Funds to help pay for training and additional EI income support will provide a real benefit to workers over the course of their working lives as they can continue to develop relevant skillsets.”
Jerry DiasPresident, UNIFOR[Source]

“Today’s budget hits the mark with targeted support that enables Canadians and Canadian businesses to cut both their carbon pollution and their energy bills. It’s a win for the environment and our wallets.”
Dan WoynillowiczClean Energy Canada, Policy Director[Source]

“Today’s budget delivers major results for Canadians directly through their local governments. We welcome this as a significant turning point for cities and communities across Canada.”
Vicki-May HammPresident, Federation of Canadian Municipalities[Source]

“What this budget shows us is that Ottawa wants to help municipalities develop infrastructure projects that are fit for the 21st century.”
Valérie PlanteMayor of Montreal[Translation]

“Today, the federal government reaffirmed the important role that cities play in powering the nation by making several strategic, long-term investments in our growth. This year’s budget signals a modernization in our relationship with the federal government by putting tools and funding directly in the hands of cities like Mississauga. Many of the investments will flow directly to us, ensuring that we are able to access funding quickly to deliver results for residents while addressing our city-building priorities.”
Bonnie CrombieMayor of Mississauga[Source]

“[Doubling] the level of Federal Gas Tax funding to Winnipeg could mean more than $40 million in additional capital funding this year. This funding, even on a one-time basis, would help Winnipeg address any number of its capital needs.”
Brian BowmanMayor of Winnipeg[Source]

“I’m pleased that the federal government made investments today in affordable housing, clean transportation, and lifelong skills training. Taking action on those issues is crucial to ensuring that Canada’s cities are liveable, healthy, and competitive in the global economy.”
Lisa HelpsMayor of Victoria[Source]

“I am extremely pleased with the one time doubling of the federal gas tax funds. This will mean an additional $56.7 million for Ottawa in 2019. This funding will significantly improve the affordability of our transit capital projects that will benefit Ottawa residents for generations to come.”
Jim WatsonMayor of Ottawa[Source]