What They’re Saying: Andrew Scheer’s Climate Proposal

June 20, 2019

Canadians waited 416 days for a real climate change plan from Andrew Scheer. Instead, it’s a fake climate plan that won’t actually do anything to protect the environment.

Canadians want a government that takes climate change seriously, and the Liberal Party is the only party that has a real and affordable plan to fight climate change and protect a clean environment.

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what Canadians are saying so far:

“This is a plan only an oil lobbyist could love. It checks all the key boxes on the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers’ wish list and if it ever became federal policy it would deepen the climate crisis.”
Keith StewartSenior Energy Strategist, Greenpeace Canada[Source]

“This is not a plan to cut climate pollution. This is a plan to somehow save the world by increasing Canada’s emissions.”
Cat AbreuExecutive Director, Climate Action Network[Source]

“The Conservative plan promises to meet Paris GHG reduction targets, but does not quantify the reductions expected by their measures.”
Marie VastelJournalist, Le Devoir[Translation, Source]

“Andrew Scheer’s plan looks similar to the platform released recently by a major Canadian oil and gas lobby group.”
Hilary BeaumontVice News[Source]

“There is a question of whether the Conservatives are presenting a plan simply because they have to present one.”
Christian DufourJournalist and Author[Translation, Source]