Only Liberals offering change for Canada on world stage

September 29, 2015

TORONTO – During tonight’s Munk Debate, Justin Trudeau demonstrated that only Liberals have a plan to bring real change to our foreign policy and reclaim Canada’s place on the world stage. 

“Canada should be a true leader  one that has earned its place at the front of the pack, based on our leadership on economic, humanitarian, and security issues. But after a decade of Stephen Harper, we are viewed as an outlier by many of our closest partners,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Under a Liberal government, Canada will return to its role as a constructive, valued partner within the broader international community.”

Under a Liberal government, Canada will: invest in a strong and ambitious plan to combat climate change; expand free trade to grow Canadian businesses and create middle class jobs; protect Canadian sovereignty and strengthen our Armed Forces; offer training expertise for anti-ISIL forces and immediately increase help for Syrian refugees; and constructively support peace operations around the globe.

“We need to start a new conversation in Canada: one that represents a respectful dialogue between governments and Canadians; one that positions Canada to be competitive in a global economy focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and one that reflects the best of who we are, and shows it to the world,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Tonight, Canadians saw firsthand that only Liberals have a credible, robust approach to foreign policy. Under a Liberal government, our country will once again lead by example.”