NDP continues campaign of double-speak

August 8, 2015

The NDP is both for and against resource development depending on who is listening

FORT MCMURRAY, AB – The NDP continues to say different things to different people all over Canada on critical issues, said Liberal candidate for Fort McMurray—Cold Lake, Kyle Harrietha.

Canada’s oil sands are the target of the NDP’s ongoing campaign of double-speak. In April, 2014, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair embraced development of the oil sands, saying:

“The position of the NDP is clear. Our natural resources are a tremendous blessing…” (Global News, April 2, 2014)

However, just yesterday, speaking on behalf of the federal NDP to the CBC, Muclair’s handpicked NDP candidate for Toronto Centre, Linda McQuaig, presented the exact opposite position, stating that under an NDP government: “a lot of the oil sands oil may have to stay in the ground” and ongoing projects may need to be halted. (CBC News, August 7, 2015)

This echoes Mulcair and the NDP’s contradictory positions on the Energy East Pipeline Project. In July of this year, Mulcair spoke against the Energy East Pipeline, stating in French, “Tu ne peux pas approuver Énergie Est,” which translates to, “You cannot approve Energy East.” (Ricochet, July 16, 2015)

But when asked the same question in English – while campaigning in Alberta – Mulcair said the opposite: “It’s a win-win to bring it from West to East. It’s better prices for the producers and therefore more royalties for the producing provinces. It’s better energy security for Canada and it’s more jobs here.” (CTV, November 13, 2014)

“It is clear the NDP is willing to say whatever it thinks is popular, in different parts of the country. Mulcair is pro-oil sands and pro-pipelines in one part of the country, and anti-resource and anti-pipeline in another. This cynical and divisive approach to key issues facing our country and our economy runs contrary to what Canadians expect from a national leader who should be working to bring Canada together,” said Mr. Harrietha.

“Canadians expect their leaders to engage in a serious and responsible dialogue that will ensure we meet our environmental obligations,” said Mr. Harrietha. “We must work together to get our resources to market and continue to grow our economy so all Canadians can have a real and fair chance at success.”