Debate: Liberals have the only credible plan to move Canada forward

October 8, 2019

Ottawa, ON — On the debate stage tonight, Justin Trudeau proved that the Liberal plan is the only credible choice for Canadians who want more money in their pockets, a cleaner environment, and safer communities.

Andrew Scheer spent the entire night attacking Justin Trudeau, while Mr. Trudeau stayed focused on what matters most — giving more help to the middle class and the people working hard to join it.

“Canadians want to know why Andrew Scheer is offering millionaires a $50,000 tax break, and 17 billion dollars in cuts for everybody else,” said Mr. Trudeau.

Andrew Scheer doubled down on his flawed plan to give tax breaks to big corporations and the wealthiest one per cent. Our plan will lower taxes for those who need a break, saving middle class families almost $600 a year, without giving a cent to millionaires.

The debate also showed Canadians once again that the Conservatives have no plan to fight climate change. Andrew Scheer made it clear that he doesn’t think it’s possible to grow the economy and fight climate change. The first thing he would do — his first action as Prime Minister — would be to tear up our plan to fight climate change, taking back the money we’ve put in Canadians’ pockets. He is wrong. We will create jobs, reduce pollution, and leave a healthier planet for our kids and grandkids.

“Conservative premiers have gotten elected on promises to do nothing on climate change, and we need a strong federal government to fight them to make sure we are moving forward on protecting future generations from climate change,” said Mr. Trudeau.

Tonight’s debate made the thing crystal clear: the other parties are either unable — or unwilling — to move us forward. Only Liberals have the plan, and the team, to keep Canada moving forward, for everyone.